Catherine's Family Lifestyle Session | Sutherland Shire

Meet little baby Indi. Isn’t she just the cutest.

I finally got to meet little Indi a few weeks ago at her newborn lifestyle session after she arrived only a few days after Catherine’s Maternity session. Phew! How lucky were we with the timing.

She was the sweetest little girl I have met and her big brother Ky was so in awe and love with his little sister. It is so great to see when older siblings are just so excited and want to jump in and help with everything. Even if that is trying to help get his baby sister to sleep, who of course didn’t want to. Luckily for us Indi did finally fall asleep towards the end of our session.

Newborn sessions don’t always go to plan and that is why I love doing lifestyle sessions with newborns. You are in your own home and you can do them whenever you are ready to face the world and the camera. It doesn’t matter if they are unsettled or awake as we just go with the flow and capture them as they are at that moment.

Congratulations Catherine, Jamie & Ky, I know you will love being a family of four.