Why an engagement shoot before your wedding day is important

Congratulations! You’re engaged! And by now you may be feeling a little overwhelmed and stressed with all the planning you have to do. As a result, I find a lot of couples will skip over getting an engagement session as they don’t see the value in it. But let me tell you a few reasons why I think you should reconsider and get an engagement session booked in before your big day.


You get to know me as your photographer

An engagement session is a great opportunity for you as clients to get to know more about me personally and to also get to know how I work behind the camera. I use these sessions as a fantastic way to get to know more about yourselves and how you interact as a couple and it is also a great way for us to build a great relationship. I feel the more we know about each other the more comfortable everyone is in front of the camera and this really shows in your final photos.


Practice what it feels like to be in front of the camera

An engagement session is the perfect opportunity to test what it feels like to be in front of the camera, because like most couples I have photographed it is more than likely that this is the first time you are getting professional photos taken. I know not everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera so during your session I will teach you techniques to relax and feel more at ease when being photographed. This is important so that on your wedding day your photos don’t look tense or awkward and we are able to capture more candid moments of the two of you.


You get some professional photos to use pre wedding

It is a great opportunity for you to get professional photos done at a great value. I offer discounts on my engagement sessions if you combine it with your wedding photography package. Another bonus is if you do your session early enough you will have some great photos that you can use on save the date cards, wedding websites, wedding guestbook or just some gorgeous images to use to print. Once you see your engagement photographs you can get excited by them and will have more confidence within yourselves so that when it comes to taking your wedding portraits on the day you can relax and have fun.

chloe&russ screen-52.JPG

Combine it with your hair and makeup trial

If you can I always recommend that you organise your engagement session with your hair and makeup trial, as this is the perfect way to see how it will all look in your photos on the day. Plus if there is anything you don’t like you can always change it by talking to your stylist.


Get photographs in a different location to your wedding day

Getting married on the beach but really want photos taken in the bush or vice versa. An engagement session is the perfect opportunity to get some professional photos taken in a different location to your wedding day. A lot of couples also use this session to go back to a location that is really special to them, it might be where you proposed, where you had your first date or even where you grew up.

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I hope this was helpful to all of you thinking about getting married. If you would like to know more about my engagement sessions or my wedding photography packages please get in touch.