Where are you based?

I'm based in the Sutherland Shire (South of Sydney) and you will also find me back home in Newcastle NSW, but my work takes me all over NSW from Sydney, the Hunter Valley, Blue Mountains and the Southern Highlands. I love to travel to new and exciting places so please just ask no matter where you are planning on getting married.

Do you edit your images?

Yes I do! I take my images on a DSLR in RAW format so that I can enhance the natural beauty that is in them. I spend a lot of time editing all of my clients photographs and I edit every single image to the absolute best of my ability. Check our my portfolio of images to see what your wedding day could look like.

How many images do I receive?

For a typical wedding you can expect to receive between 80-100 photos per hour of coverage. It really does just depend on the size of your wedding day. I don't cap the amount of photos you will receive, so you will receive all of the best images from the day. 

But you took over 1500 - 2000 images on the day, why can't I have them all?

Sorry but most of the time these shots are just doubles, just to make sure that I got the shot. I also cull the unusable images, like blinking, bad exposures and out of focus shots.

Do you work alone or with another photographer?

I mainly shoot by myself but I will always have an assistant with me on the day, just to help things go smoothly. I do from time to time work with another photographer as my second shooter at your wedding. When we talk over the details of your wedding we will discuss if I think a second photographer is required. 

Do you support same sex marriages?

Yes yes and yes! I would love nothing more then to capture your wedding day for you, no matter what your relationship status is. To me love really is love and it doesn't matter who that is between. So please don't be shy (or worried) and shoot me a message if you love my work.

My partner and I don’t like getting our photos taken.

I hear this a lot from my clients. Do not let this stress you out. I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve to help you to relax and enjoy getting your photos taken, so that the real you shines through. I also offer engagement sessions which can be a great way to get used to being in front of the camera and it is also a great way for us to get to know each other better.

Why are you so expensive?

I'm not! Photography might seem like it's all fun and games and that I am charging a fortune for something that anyone can do with a camera. The reality of it is it's not just the camera that creates the awesome images you see but it is actually the person behind the lens. My services also include meetings to discuss your wedding in detail, planning out your wedding day and all my editing costs (which adds to the hours I work outside of just being a photographer). If i'm a little out of your budget don't let that stop you from contacting me, as I am super easy going and I can put together a package to suit you and your budget.

Can you be my photographer on our wedding day?

As long as I'm not booked on your date, then I would love nothing more then to work with you. Simply fill out my contact form and I will be in touch with you within a day. This is my full time job (apart from being a mum), so I am usually pretty prompt with my replies. We can then organise a time to meet over coffee, skype or the phone to discuss your wedding day.


Thank you for your time and if you wish to lock me in on your wedding day please fill in my contact form. I look forward to working with you on your big day.